Marseille during the french revolution (1789-1792)

Universidad de Teramo

The research project entitled “Marseille during the french revolution” is a three-year doctoral research project. The project is carried out thanks to the collaboration of historians from the University of Teramo, historians and cartographers from the Norbert Elias Centre (UMR 8562, Marseille) and GIS experts from ESRI Italia Spa. The project aims to digitize and geo-reference the map of Marseille at the beginning of the Revolution, in order to map the main events and phenomena that occurred in the city during the French Revolution. The research will study the available historical sources and apply to the revolutionary history of Marseille the interdisciplinary and intersectoral methodology combining the tools of historiography, geography and geosciences (GIS). This research project involves several disciplinary areas and may be located in the innovative field of study known as digital humanities. The methodological objective is to combine the tools and data collected by historical research and GIS technology to represent the history of (and) space. In addition to using traditional historiographic tools (such as archival and bibliographic research), the project takes into account three of the most important and recent historiographic innovations that have emerged since the 1980s and are known as “linguistic, temporal and spatial turns”. The objective of the project is to strengthen these acquisitions by combining them with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. The use of GIS will not only make it possible to more effectively analyze the data collected through literature search and bibliography, but also to create an interactive and multidimensional mapping that can reproduce spatial and historical representations of space. This methodological approach will allow us to produce an interactive historical map of Marseille’s urban spaces and events, while new interpretations can be proposed in an innovative way to communicate history to the general public.

29/10/2019 - 16:00 a 16:20 en Sala 111 - See What Others Can´t



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