Remote Sensing Solutions for Utilities and Critical Infrastructures – Leveraging Imagery to automate Asset Management and Planning


Today, remote sensing technology combined with geospatial analytics is becoming a safe, accurate, and low-cost approach to automate operations, that can provide critical insights faster and more affordably then traditional inspections. Whether it is managing vegetation, monitoring or planning assets, or responding to a weather event, utilities increasingly turn to L3Harris, the firmly established industry leader in image science, to optimize on all aspects of asset management and planning operations.

After years of success in the defence and intelligence domain, L3Harris commercialized its advanced end-to-end solutions that collect, manage, and leverage all type of remotely sensed data to make the right informed decisions for critical assets. Examples include L3Harris’ Deep Learning technology for imagery based asset detection, location improvement, inventory as-built update and inspection automation, LiDAR based vegetation management and risk mitigation, optical satellite based macro-scale vegetation monitoring and SAR satellite based land displacement monitoring along infrastructures, or CCTV camera based real time weather monitoring and pre/post damage assessment.

29/10/2019 - 17:10 a 17:30 en Sala 108 - See What Others Can´t



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